If you have ever asked yourself, “How to Write an essay?”, you’ve come to the right place. This guide outlines the four basic elements of an essay, including an Introductory paragraph, Body paragraphs, Conclusion, and Reference section. While the specifics of each structure may vary depending on the topic and discipline, the fundamentals of essay construction will always be the same. The following tips will help you write an effective essay.

Introductory paragraph

The purpose of the Introduction paragraph in an essay is to direct the reader’s attention to the main topic. It also provides the reader with the background necessary to understand the subject and to formulate a strong thesis statement. A good introduction can also include a powerful quotation, an analogy to the subject matter, an interesting fact, an opinion related to the main topic, or a central concept. Nevertheless, it should avoid 1st person point of view and improper diction.

The introduction paragraph in an essay serves a special function, which many students fail to realize. The structure of the paragraph resembles a funnel. It begins with the broadest topic and narrows down to the thesis statement. After the introduction, it concludes with the main points of the essay. An example of an introduction paragraph is shown below. You will note that the sentences in the sample introduction paragraph are not written in the correct order or in the correct type of sentences.

Body paragraphs

The first body paragraph is called the topic sentence and states the main idea of the paragraph. It can be a fact, claim, or assertion that requires an explanation. It is a declarative sentence, usually beginning with the phrase “in other words,” “it means,” or “for instance.” The remainder of the paragraph should elaborate on the main idea of the paragraph, supporting it with evidence. The body paragraphs should be structured so that each section is logically connected to the next.

Each body paragraph should serve a specific purpose. Depending on the scope of the essay, they should include information that is relevant to the thesis statement. Ensure that the paragraphs do not repeat background information or copy-and-paste research. Also, they should be in service of the thesis statement. As a final note, you may find it useful to include a list of ideas in each body paragraph, but keep the focus on supporting the main topic and the thesis statement.


When it comes to writing a conclusion, the essay should be more open-ended than the intro. While the intro orients the reader and outlines the main ideas, the conclusion should suggest further, more encompassing implications. It should not, however, veer off into a tangent, and should be related to the information provided. The essay conclusion should also conclude with the thesis statement, or the core idea of the pay for essay.

The conclusion of an essay is not the place to introduce new information, but it is an excellent place to restate the thesis and run through the outline of the argument that was presented in the body of the essay. If the conclusion introduces new ideas and information without explicitly arguing for them, it will be irrelevant and weak. The goal of the conclusion is to summarize the main idea of the essay, as well as to remind the reader of its importance.

Reference section

A reference section is an important part of an essay, and is often used to provide your reader with more information about the topic of your essay. Whether your information is factual or based on an idea, you must cite it. Providing sources in your essay also helps your reader determine whether you are using reliable sources or not. In addition, referencing sources shows your readers that you have relied on them to support your ideas.

The references section includes the full details of a source. When copying an article or book, make sure to include a reference. It helps your reader to know what source you used and can jump directly to it if they want to. This is a crucial part of the writing process, and is important to the quality of your essay. For more help on referencing, contact your instructor or professor. These individuals can help you complete your essay.